A Little Bit About Us at SimpleHeads

Our company was started by four partners in late 1999. The company was later restructured in 2003 to better reflect the departure of two of the partners. Even before the company started, all partners have been working in the marketing industry for numerous years.

While we have our roots in traditional marketing arena, mainly in the print media, we have adapted to online marketing as early as 2001, right in the midst of the “dot-com era.” Our first online marketing product was a web-based electronic direct mail, which we had called “WebEDM.” Similar products nowadays, which are much more popular, includes services like MailChimp and Constant Contacts. And the management of mass emailing in HTML format is now more appropriately called “email marketing.”

Another service we have also pioneered was modular e-commerce stores with selectable themes; we had named this product “Meta10.” And yes, this was back in the year 2001. Similar, and better, popular service nowadays are called “Content Management System” with market-leading names such as Shopify and Magento.

We literally grew up with Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords). The pay-per-click advertising platform that has long become the de facto standard in the internet advertising field. From its raw and simplistic tools during its infancy to its current complicated algorithms and controls, we have been there every step of the way.

While Internet has been around for decades now, back in the early 2000’s, most business clients were still trying to figure out how best to incorporate it into their overall marketing scheme. The truth is, most of them just invested to set up a web site, and that was it. And most of these websites were barely adequate by today’s standards. The contents were usually updated once or twice every year if at all. It was more of a formality than having a specific marketing goal to achieve. In essence, Internet marketing was not really part of the marketing game plan in most of our business clients’ collective minds – they were still relying on the traditional print-based marketing.

In 2008, as the financial crisis sets in, we saw more and more clients became strapped for liquidity. Since most of their customers were beginning to feel the tightening of the market, our clients’ overall business began to suffer as well. Less business means less profit, and less profit means less marketing. Once the financial crisis is all said and done, many of our clients have downsized and have seen their marketing budget for print slashed in more than 50% during the contraction. And as they started to pick up the pieces and move forward, print marketing become an even smaller part of their marketing. There were clients who used to spend in upwards of tens of thousands of dollars each year in printing and mailing now have stopped printing catalogs all together. They were so used to the dwindling business they had endured throughout the financial crisis, print marketing expenditure now seems excessive in the recovery period. So where did all the money go that used to be spent for printing? And how did stopping print marketing affect their business?

Most of our clients have simply pocketed the savings from their annual print marketing budget. Call it a new source of profit or just cost-saving measures, money that used to be spent to attract new business and maintain market share is now gone. Disappeared. Consequently, business also suffered as a result. Many of them downsized while scratching their heads wondering what had happened.

The matter of fact is that since the recovery from the Great Recession, many businesses have picked up steam and move ahead. Nevertheless, the businesses which did not transition their print marketing budget into something else stood motionless. “Standing still is moving backwards” is never so true in this scenario. The ones who are not investing in the right marketing scheme are being overtaken by the ones who have found a new marketing direction and proactively investing in moving ahead.

With our background in both traditional and digital marketing, we are uniquely positioned to help businesses to transition from the old world of print marketing into online advertising. With platforms such as Google Ads, it is now feasible to narrowly target a specific group of business customers. The finely tuned targeting will focus the financial investment while getting the maximum impact.

Online marketing is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Even for companies in the same industry, a customized approach has to be developed specifically to fulfill the marketing goals of each company. While, to certain extend, the same may be true in traditional marketing, digital marketing requires a much more disciplined and precise execution when it comes to implementing each and every advertising campaign.

We at SimpleHeads are constantly sharpening our digital skills in enabling our clients to shift to the online marketing paradigm and move ahead of the competition with all the tools in digital marketing. Our digital marketing experience, coupled with our traditional marketing knowledge, make us the perfect partner for your online marketing needs.

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