SimpleHeads is a digital marketing agency that specializes insearch engine marketing.  May it be SEO or PPC, we have you covered.
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SimpleHeads is a digital marketing agency that specializes in online marketing with core strength in search engine marketing (SEM). Our company was founded in 2003 and each of the two partners have been in the
marketing/advertising industry for over 30 years! Our experience in helping clients from all industries to reach their full marketing potential has been the cornerstone of our success story.
While we have our roots in traditional marketing arena, mainly in the print media, we have adapted to online marketing as early as 2001, right in the midst of the “dot-com era.” We have witnessed the very infancy of Google AdWords (now called Google Ads). With so many years of practice and experience in the marketing field under our belt, we are uniquely qualified to help clients big and small to excel in whatever they do
With the traditional media being edged out by the more popular (and functional) online marketing, we have been able to help our clients make the transition from tangible media to virtual media. The new world of marketing and advertising is vastly different from the traditional marketing model, needless to say. For one, there are more metrics and analytics to measure marketing results than ever before, and everything is being tracked automatically. This alone makes moving to digital marketing a no-brainer. It is extremely difficult to track results in traditional marketing; only clients with the best resources and strictest discipline were able to achieve a consistent and useful tracking result.
Of course, there are a lot more benefits when it comes to online marketing. At SimpleHeads, we are uniquely positioned and very well qualified to help your business understand how you can take advantage of online marketing. Getting better results that’ll help your sales with the ability to control your marketing spending at a granular level? This is better than getting more bang for your buck!
Please take a little time to go through our website to learn about all the different services that we offer our clients. And don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.
An overview of our certifications.

We are fully certified by Google Ads in all five categories.

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