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Tame and Enrich Your Contents.

Managing CMS can be tedious. But when in harmony, CMS can be detrimental in a successful marketing campaign.
For those clients who need a more functional website, or even e-commerce store, we offer management services for a few selected CMS (Content Management System) platform.
Moving from a regular hosted website to a CMS platform has many benefits. In addition to having a flexible growth path, most CMS are set-up to be more SEO friendly. Many of our clients came from traditional websites that can only be updated by the web designer or programmer who originally created the site, and they have found that CMS is a much better platform to migrate to because most of the designs and functions are already pre-built and can be modified by anybody.
Having us manage your CMS is the best and most logic choice since it’ll make managing your entire SEO effort smoother and more productive.
At SimpleHeads, we provide a one-stop solution to our clients. Everything you need in SEO and all the collateral tasks that make up a successful campaign.