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Keywords are the Most Important Cornerstone.

Keywords are important to a successful campaign; it is the singular cornerstone that everything else orbits around.
An often overlooked and under-estimated task in both search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search advertising (PSA). While this task is important when doing SEO, it is indispensable and literally a matter of life and death in PSA.
In the realm of search engine based marketing, keywords are how a search engine can connect your contents to a search inquiry. No matter how the search results are listed (organic results in SEO and top or bottom of page for PSA), a search engine can only send relevant data back to the user when it matches the keywords you have specified to the user query. In essence, keywords act as “the” link between the user and search engine and is “the” power that drives the one and only function of any search engine.
In the SEO realm, keywords serve more of a role in “positive identification,” telling search engines if they should return your web pages when a relevant and related topic has been searched. In the PSA territory, keywords play a much more important role and have many more functions that will ultimately determine the success (or failure) of an advertising campaign.
At SimpleHeads, just as important as keywords are to any search engine marketing, our role in helping our clients develop relevant keywords to their marketing objectives is the foundation of our core services.