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While PPC advertising can get you results fast, managing PPC campaigns is a full-time job that requires consistency.
Pay-Per-Click, also known as Paid Search Advertising (PSA) among many other names, is a vital part of any online marketing campaign. While a strong SEO effort will help you receive higher rankings on organic search results pages, paid search advertising can bring very qualified and higher traffic to your website more quickly and consistently over time.
In SEO, there are a set number of rules to follow to achieve optimization. On the other hand, paid search advertising has a total different set of tools that can help to attract, qualify, and track the traffic you want. Since you’re paying search engine for your ads, you can just as easily block out the traffic that you don’t want.
Nevertheless, conducting a well-organized paid search advertising campaign isn’t easy. One can easily overpay for ads when aiming for a misguided goal, or losing a lot of potential quality traffic due to poor keyword development and implementation.
At SimpleHeads, paid search advertising is our specialty. We have been working with Google AdWords since 2005! We have helped many clients manage their paid search advertising campaigns to get the best bang out of their advertising bucks!