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Make Sense of the Lines and Bar Graphs.

Analytics is a measurement of your marketing results – it’s the one tool that can make a campaign successful.
The best marketing campaign is no good without a measurement of its effectiveness. In traditional marketing, effectiveness is difficult to track and requires an enormous amount of resources. In the age of online marketing, effectiveness can be easily and automatically tracked. However, this automation in tracking produces a conundrum – there’s just way too much information.
Navigating through the maze of different web metrics and analytics so that the information becomes valid and useful is an art. It takes years of understanding to know what’s relevant and what’s just too excessive. One can easily spend hours staring at endless line charts and bar graphs and not come to a conclusion on how they are helpful to the marketing campaign.
At SimpleHeads, connecting the dots is something we do on a daily basis. We help our clients understand analytic results that impact their marketing campaign.