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Find Out if Your Website Needs Fixing.

A detailed report on the needed improvements which will build a solid foundation for any future SEO efforts.
A website audit is the precursor to our website optimization service. A detailed audit is very important as it lays down a blueprint for how best to improve the website so that search engines will be more likely to incorporate it.
A website audit includes many technical aspects of the inner workings of the site. It does not judge if the site is aesthetically pleasing, or if it is user-friendly. It also will not estimate the value of the site contents. In automotive terms, an audit is more like an engine diagnostic – everything that’s under the hood.
A website audit is always required for all new clients no matter if the client is new to online marketing or switching from another agency. This audit report will tell us how your website is doing and how to go about improving it.
For those clients who prefer to have a separate web designer or technical staff optimize their websites, in order to perform the optimization, these third-party professionals will also require the website audit report in order to proceed with the optimization function. This audit report will look like mumbo-jumbo to our clients, but to the technical professionals, it’s a treasure map!
At SimpleHeads, we take pride in providing our clients with a detail-oriented and broad spectrum audit report. A report that covers all aspects of optimization requirements and details all the needed improvements.