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Make Your Website Ready for Prime Time.

Configure and tweak the target website so that it is the healthy infrastructure needed for a successful campaign.
Having a website is not enough. Even if the website is beautifully designed, packed with contents, and very user-friendly. None of these has anything to do with if the website itself is “optimized.”
Optimized for what? One may ask.
Search engines, of course!
What good is a website if nobody knows about it? And how would people know about this excellent website of yours? When they see your listings in their search results.
Since search engines play such a major, if not detrimental, part of getting traffic into your site, it is in your interest to “optimize” your site to cater to the functionalities of search engines. Make it so that your website is easy for search engines to digest, and that the information you want to show are correctly highlighted. At the end of the day, you stand to benefit when search engines can accurately identify your web pages as having high relevance to whatever search queries by your potential customers.
When a website if properly optimized, search engines will be more able to take advantage of the content of your web pages in their search result pages. Optimization involves many different aspects of a site. From lightening the codes that make-up the site so that pages load faster, setting up highlights of each page so search engines know your emphasis, to structuring the website so that its logical and can be quickly processed (and reprocessed) by search engines.
Website optimization is technical work. Not as technical as coding/programming, but definitely a few steps higher than just plain vanilla web design. This is the reason that most web designers are not trained to optimize websites – they are trained professionals to make the site aesthetically pleasing and usable, and that’s their sole focus. So don’t blame your web designer for not optimizing your site, this is a function best performed by specially trained professionals such as ourselves.
While some contents may be reorganized, and some elements added or subtracted, most of the time, optimizing a website will not change the overall design of your website. Some clients prefer to have the original web designer to make the optimization based on our audit report, but most elect to have us physically perform the optimization. This is important as the optimization process may not be a once-and-done deal. As new contents are added to the site, this process may be a scheduled effort over the duration of the service contract. Some web designers do not want to get involved in doing optimization as sometimes it may results in finger-pointing if the results are less-than-desirable. Furthermore, most clients choose to have us perform this task just because they won’t be caught in between and eliminate all the coordination hassles.
At SimpleHeads, we have the know-how to correctly optimize your website, and the ability to consistently maintain this optimization as you grow the contents of your site.