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We can Help to Grow your Amazon Business.

With the correct implementation, competing in the Amazon marketplace can be a profitable venture.
Amazon is an extremely competitive marketplace. While there are many success stories, such feats are mostly the minorities. Most Amazon sellers end up competing on low price alone. Lowering prices means slimmer margins, and there’s only so low the prices can go. And when the prices hit the floor, how would consumers choose one product listing over another? And there are instances where the best selling products aren’t necessarily the cheapest ones. How do they manage to do this?
Amazon’s policy tends to foster cycles that ends up in extremes. When a product listing is doing well, Amazon naturally would want to send more business there so that it makes more money. On the other hand, when a listing lacks in quality, Amazon would rather send business away from the poor listing.
Our Amazon marketing service help our clients move away from self-destructive habits and stops vicious cycles in progress. We turn the tides on product listings that are spiraling out of control and make selling on Amazon profitable. While being competitive on price is necessary, we don’t advocate being the lowest price on the Amazon marketplace. We want our clients to be successful and profitable, not just simply moving products.
Our Amazon marketing service is mainly geared toward Amazon “Sellers” with private label products. Currently, we do not offer services to Amazon “Vendors” and sellers who compete for the Buy Box selling established brands.
Our service always starts with an audit of your Amazon store and product listings. We will need to evaluate your Amazon selling history in order to assess a pragmatic goal that can be acceptable and satisfactory to everyone. As every seller is different, after our audit and assessment, we will propose a customized solution, specifically tailored to your needs and based on your history, that’s aimed at improving your sales on Amazon. Our service is priced with an initial set-up fee and the subsequent monthly service fee, and our contract runs on a quarterly basis.

Product Listings.

Populating product listings may seem like a mundane and laborious chore. However, this is the most important step in setting up your Amazon business for future success. Without the right care and attention to how a product listing is constructed, your offering will not be seen by your potential buyers. And without showing up in search results, there can be no sales. With no or low sales (low conversion), your listing will continue to slide further. On and on goes the vicious cycle.
SimpleHeads can help with a professional product listing. We know which fields matter and how to make your products stand out from your competitors.

Product Images.

Often overlooked but plays an important role in sales conversion. Your online Amazon store is not a physical store. Buyers cannot touch and feel your product. Therefore, providing professional product images is vital. Many private labelers tend to use images supplied by the factory/manufacturer. While these images are sometimes good, deploying this strategy will not set you apart from your competitors. At the end of the day, you’ll just end up competing on price alone.
SimpleHeads can help with product images. We can start scratch with professional photography and follow through with expert image processing to make your products look original and at their best.

Keywords Development.

A vital component to a successful Amazon listing is implementing the right keywords. Keywords will easily make-or-break your search ranking. The right keywords will help buyers discover your products and up your conversion rate, which in turn, will lead to an increase in search rankings. However, when not implemented properly, Amazon will determine your listing as spammy and punish you with lower rankings. This is the reason that keywords development and implementations are extremely important and must be done in great care.
SimpleHeads can help with keywords research, development, and implementation. This is our bread-and-butter and we excel at setting a right set of keywords that’ll trigger sales for you.

Competitive Analysis.

What are your competitors doing right? How can you benefit from their success? In the Amazon world of private label sellers, how would one generic brand sell so much better than others when everybody is selling the same item? A complete and thorough competitive analysis will do wonders to boost your product listing and search rankings.
SimpleHeads can help with competitive analysis. We will dissect your competitors’ listings with surgical precision. We’ll find out what’s working right (or wrong) for them and implement the best tactics for your listings.

Amazon Sponsored Products.

This is Amazon’s version of pay-per-click advertising. Unlike Google Ads, where you need to work on a real ad copy to attract buyers, Amazon’s ad copy is your product listing. And unlike Google Ads, Amazon has a lot less analytics and tools for advertisers. And, there’s no shortage of competition. As with any PPC campaigns, if not managed correctly, your advertising expense can skyrocket while your sales conversion remains stagnate.
SimpleHeads can help with your Amazon PPC campaigns; this is our core competency. We will monitor and manage your PPC campaign and get the best conversion rate for your advertising dollars.

Customer Reviews.

Hands down, this is the most important factor that can increase your Amazon sales. Not only will positive reviews give your buyers more confidence about buying your products, positive reviews also boost your rankings. However, Amazon is very strict and petty when it comes to reviews. Not playing by the Amazon rules will get your listing or account shut down. This aspect of Amazon is truly a double-edged sword.
SimpleHeads can help with getting more positive customer reviews on your products. Our white-hat approach stays within Amazon’s policy and can readily increase positive results.

Off-Amazon Optimization.

When all of your “On-Amazon Optimizations” have been completed, driving traffic from external sites to your Amazon store is the next most important step. Doing so helps you to gain an advantage over your Amazon competitors since you have an additional source for customers and traffic, and Amazon will reward you by sending more business your way. Driving external traffic to your Amazon listing is a complex process as it often involves working with additional resources in concert. Furthermore, if not implemented correctly, while the traffic to your product listing will increase, you may end up with a lower conversion rate. And to Amazon, conversion rate is everything.
SimpleHeads can help with off-Amazon optimization. While this is a more elaborate and dynamic process, we are confident that our work will become your Amazon marketing niche over your competitors.

Total Turnkey Solution.

There are times when you need a total solution to all the needs of your Amazon store. This is a smart way to offload your marketing burden while focusing your resources on just customer service and inventory management. Before we take over all the marketing needs of your entire Amazon store, we always start with an audit of your store. And then follow-up with a customized proposal to address various aspects of your Amazon marketing needs.  Our Total Turnkey Solution lasts a minimum of six months. During this time, we will implement our proposed strategy and provide scheduled reports to monitor progress. At the completion of the proposed term, our client will have the option of renewing our service.

Keywords Destination Analysis

Ever wonder which keywords were used to get to your product listing? Which keywords were used for your product to be inserted into the shopping cart? How about which keywords were used to ultimately buy your products? Knowing the top sets of keywords that ultimately sold your product will help your product to sell even more! It is a positive reinforcement that keeps on giving. This analysis is best for products that has at least 50 orders and has been on Amazon for more than three months. This analysis will include all the keywords, since the product inception, that buyers used to search for the product, added into shopping cart, and purchased in percentages. The top keywords should be used to revise product listing to ensure better search ranking in the future.
SimpleHeads can help with a deep and thorough analysis of the top keywords and their destinations. This analysis is time-consuming but the results will be worthwhile.
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