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Also known as Pay-Per-Click advertising – the best way to get immediate and sustaining results.
In the world of Internet marketing, the most prevalent and effective paid search advertising (PSA) is Google Ads. PSA is better known as Pay-Per-Click advertising, or PPC. Almost all of our PSA clients are engaged in Google Ads. Since close to 80% of all searches on the Internet starts with Google, it makes perfect sense to concentrate your Internet advertising budgets on this popular search engine.
Over the years, Google have constantly made improvements to its search results. In its pursuit of dishing out relevant and better search results, Google have made the operation and function of Google Ads more and more complicated. While Google does provide a powerful interface for advertisers, the degree of difficulty in fully utilizing the Google Ads console had quickly fled the ability of most advertisers to comprehend. In other words, in order to make an Google Ads campaign effective, the learning curve and the subsequent hands-on participation, in terms of the cost of time and human resources, are becoming high hidden costs and may not be worthwhile.
For bigger companies, where there are dedicated personnel to constantly tweak and adjust Google Ads settings, this may not be a big issue. But for most of the smaller companies and business owners, Google Ads, while it may be effective, may just require way too much work and time to maintain.
In addition to the time and work, there’s also the ever-evolving technical knowledge required to make a Google Ads campaign successful. The one most important foundation in any Google Ads campaign is keyword development. Without a well thought-out and useful keyword bank, a Google Ads campaign will not be as effective, not to mention more costly than it should. Furthermore, while developing useful keywords will already be a monumental task for most advertisers, the deployment of these keywords is yet another huge challenge that is detrimental in the effectiveness of the keywords. For instance, which modifier to use for which keywords, and how negative keywords will help to enhance the effectiveness and sharpen the focus.
This is where SimpleHeads come in. We are the premier Internet marketing expert; we are constantly at the forefront of digital marketing. Our expertise in developing successful online advertising campaigns is the cornerstone of our services. We help advertisers leverage their resources by alleviating the burden of time, learning curve, and hands-on participation. Best of all, our Google Ads service help our advertisers get more bang for their bucks by using many success techniques that get a high click-through rate while maintaining a competitive cost-per-click rate.
PPC Management Pricing
All of our PPC management plans includes the following services; the only difference is the client’s monthly ad spending and service fees.
Up to $2,000
in Ad Spending
Per Month
or $100 Min
Set-Up: $250

$150 Min.
Set-Up: $500

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$2,001 to $5,000
in Ad Spending
Per Month
or $300 Min
Set-Up: $350

$450 Min.
Set-Up $650

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$5,001 to $10,000
in Ad Spending
Per Month
or $600 Min
Set-Up: $450

$750 Min.
Set-Up: $800

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$10,001 and more
in Ad Spending
Per Month
or $850 Min
Set-Up: $550

$1,000 Min.
Set-Up: $950

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Account Set-Up
Website Examination
Competitive Analysis
Keywords Development
Ad Creation
Google Analytics Integration
Google My Business Integration
Google Search Console Integration
Google Merchant Center Integration*
Landing Page Creation**
Monthly Services
Conversion Tracking
Call Tracking***
Monthly Report
Campaign Management
Ad Performance Monitoring
Keywords Refinement
Additional Ad Creations***
Landing Page Hosting and Maintenance**
* Item(s) may not be applicable/available under promotional pricing. ** Standard in Silver Plan or higher. *** When necessary or if applicable.